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Boat Insurance

BOAT Insurance – Customer-friendly

Boat insurance is an important form of financial protection to have in place when owning a marine vessel. Whether it’s a sailboat, speedboat, or yacht, an insurance policy should be obtained. In some municipalities, it is even required before a boat can go into the water.

What does a policy include?

A boat policy will provide protection for the boat as well as liability for what happens on the boat. It is covered if it were to get stolen, vandalized, damaged in dry dock, as well as if there is an accident with it on the water.

Should someone get injured on the boat, the liability insurance would cover medical bills as well as legal fees if the injured party were to sue.

Various add-ons to a policy can be made as well. These riders will ensure that a boat owner has all of the protection needed against various scenarios. It’s also important to choose the right level of coverage so that there is no need to pay additional money out of pocket.

Top Benefits to a Policy

There are many benefits to having a boat insurance policy. It makes it easier to deal with claims if anything has happened to the boat or anyone on it. Without a policy, a person would have to cover all repairs and medical bills on their own. Depending on the level of damages, this could be a considerable amount of money.

Filing a claim is a relatively simple process. The insurance company would validate the claim and then cover the costs, minus the deductible that is paid. As such, having a policy greatly minimizes the level of money paid out of the owner’s pocket.

When you own a boat, it’s important to review insurance possibilities so you can be sure that your investment is completely covered.