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Offering Hope for Children Living in Poverty

Georgia is facing an economic crisis; poverty, homelessness, and hunger rates in multiple communities have skyrocketed over the last few years. In Atlanta and the Fulton County area, as many as one in four children are living in poverty, and their families are facing difficulties putting food on the table.

The Herron Agency is taking a stand against poverty, hunger, and homelessness, especially when children are the ones suffering. We are launching a long-term campaign to help make sure children in our area are provided both hope and relief from these troubling trends.

We are so hopeful to be able to fund some of the relief needed by Atlanta area children to overcome the devastating circumstances of poverty in their lives! Poverty is a critical issue because living in poverty significantly limits a family’s ability to provide adequate support and resources to their children.

We want to offer hope and relief. In Georgia, 22.6% of children were living in poverty last year. Even though the challenge is huge… there’s much that we can do.

“My wife just gave birth to our second child. Believe me – there is nothing more important to our agency than the welfare of children in our community,” says Frank Herron, agency owner.

This is where you can help.

With a $20 donation in your name we can help those in our community suffering the most.

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s care for our community, together!

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!