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Supporting Care for Animals that Assist Children

Can we donate $20 in your name to provide animal therapy to local at-risk youth?

For children with behavioral issues who are non-communicative, therapists often find traditional therapies and treatments alone are not enough to provide breakthroughs. At-risk children may be reluctant to work on relationships with humans because of their past experiences. Hillside, an established child and adolescent residential treatment facility, is one of the few centers in Atlanta to offer animal-assisted therapy (AAT) to youth. AAT is a specialty therapeutic service which provides youth with opportunities to forge connections and process difficult emotions.

With the program, therapy animals offer children opportunities to explore relationships in new and unique ways. Working with hermit crabs, bunnies, ferrets, and geckos, AAT allows children to develop and practice important qualities, including trust and responsibility, in a safe way. Therapy animals are specially trained and children’s interaction with them is supervised by a trained therapist.

By connecting with therapy animals, children explore elements of relationships they previously did not enjoy with people. Children can learn the power of safe touch with our rabbits, understand the development of trust with our turtles, and relate to our hermit crabs’ movement to new shells.

“Our team loves animals, but we also want to help our community members too. By supporting care for animals that assist humans, it becomes a win-win for all!” says Sarah Nelson, Licensed Sales Representative.

Currently, Hillside needs help covering the cost of care for the therapy animals.

This is where you can help.

With a $20 donation in your name we can help Hillside with maintenance of animal shelters, food, and even veterinary bills.

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s care for our community, together!

Getting involved has never been so simple – or Free!

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