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Supporting Care for Animals that Assist Children

Can we donate $20 in your name to provide animal therapy to local at-risk youth? For children with behavioral issues who are non-communicative, therapists often find traditional therapies and treatments alone are not enough to provide breakthroughs. At-risk children may be reluctant to work on relationships with humans because of their past experiences. Hillside, an […]


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  • “What a blessing! My insurance had reach a point of unaffordability. Frank came along with Farmer's Insurance and once again I had insurance that was well within my price range. Thanks for knowing "a thing or two." ”

    Elizabeth Andert

  • “Frank was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient as he gave me quotes and a few options to consider. ”

    Gary Harmon

  • “Felt like family. After speaking with Frank Herron, I was completely covered for all of the things that I need to have taken care of. He walked me through what if the most relevant coverage to me, my pets, as well as a new engagement ring. Never once did I feel like he was trying to push me into unnecessary coverages, like I have experienced before with other brokers. To top it all off, he sent me a handwritten card. I can't recommend Frank and farmer's. The personal touch means that I am definitely sending family his way. ”

    Justin H.

  • “Excellent very prompt and helpful ”


  • “Very helpful and knowledgeable about your needs. Bonus is I saved a bunch of money. The real test will be when I need him! I believe he has my back! ”

    Werner Kralick


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